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August 6th, 2011, 05:29 PM
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Whenever I hear the name Kendall, all I think is "it's Barbie's boyfriend." I really don't like it. So I vote for Claire, even though I *MUCH* prefer Clara. In fact I love Clara. Some middle names:

Claire Sydney
Claire Leslie
Claire Riley
Claire Felicity
Claire Juliet
Claire Julianna
Clair Johanna
Claire Ryen
Claire Audra
Claire Cecelia
Claire Antonia
Claire Brennan

Kendall Gwyneth
Kendall Darcy
Kendall Lucia
Kendall Celeste
Kendall Felicity
Kendall Juliet
Kendall Rowan
Kendall Audrey
Kendall Jocelyn
Kendall Ava
Kendall Jacqueline
Kendall Amelia
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