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August 6th, 2011, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MomMomMom View Post
Loooong response inc.

Just because the girl names you picked out have matching initials, it doesn't mean the boy names have to. It's not like you're going to use all four, so the boys will know they didn't match even though the girl's did. Unless you intentionally made their initials match, then I don't see a reason why the boy initial HAS to match. And even if you did intentionally match the girl's initials, there's no Rule of Twins that says they have to match.

Anyhoo, I think Corey is a cute name, but I prefer it with a "e" and I really don't think it ages well. I know a Cody and a Corey (26 and 14ish?) and both of them feel like their names sounds like a little kid (they are brothers, if that matters).

So I'm gonna vote for Russell, even though it's not my style (not my baby anyways!).

I don't know if this bothers you, but Russell and Eric are both prominent Vampire characters in the show True Blood, and you may end up with some people asking/wondering if you did that on purpose. BUT Russell Eric is my favorite combo, because I love Eric.

Russell Edward is probably my second favorite, though it's ALSO two popular Vampires, lol. It's a close call between Edward and Elliott.
Russell Edwin
Russell Edmund
Russell Edison
Russell Edric
Any of those would be a cute alternatives if you want to avoid the Vamps. I really like Edwin a lot.

How about Russell Emmett? I do so love Emmett (despite it's Vampire connection).

Some more E names I'm throwing at you:
Ephraim (OMG LOVE)
Easton (love)
Elias (love)
Everett (LOVE)

You're to good!

I will also second Russell Everett (and not because I used Everett, I think it sounds nice!)

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