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August 6th, 2011, 08:09 PM
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I recently found out I'm expecting #3, and I know that names are going to be an issue for DH and I. My girls are Elise Michaela and Lindsey Madeline. I like names that are sort of uncommon but not so much that they've never been heard before, and no crazy spellings. I choose Elise's names and Lindsey's middle name - Lindsey is not my style at all lol. Here are a few names I like:


Got nothing

Last name starts with M, so we do not want first name that starts with M. Also trying to avoid first names that end with the -ee sound like Lindsey. Can you suggest any names to me to at least add to the consideration list? Nothing is jumping out at me yet. TIA!
Elise Michaela 12.22.07
Lindsey Madeline 5.17.09
Owen Anthony 4.13.12

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