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August 6th, 2011, 08:43 PM
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I'm on my phone so pardon any errors. My pushing phase was very short, I had no directed pushing and I was free to move as I wanted....course I didn't want to do anything except not push because I was so afraid of the midwife just suggested I try pushing and see what happened and then my body just kind of did it and it was so painful no matter what so I had to push into the pain. Oh it was awful. It was only fifteen minutes.

I think the fear of other things might be a big thing. I was completely prepared to handle pain....but I was distracted the whole time by other during pushing the nicu team was waiting outside and an extra nurse was called in because my first was only six pounds and change and it took me two hours...and this baby was significantly larger....eight pounds and like nine ounces....and they were concerned his shoulders would get stuck. I don't remember anything except pain and those little details that had me worried about getting him out.
You guys give me hope...
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