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August 7th, 2011, 03:18 AM
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Originally Posted by L-SBB View Post
I feel stalky saying i'm adding you to my short list of blogs to are officially #22, but I've abandoned about 18 of them so truly you're in elite status (you will receive your card in the mail when I've viewed 100,000 times)

I've only read first post (i never said i'd be a diligent follower) but it made me laugh, so kudos you Magic boxes = bathroom breaks, a parenting necessity.
I will be waiting for my card. I am pretty sure that you will, eventually, build a shrine to me and I will become your new religion. I am very humble but, without question, awesome doesn't even begin to describe me.
Originally Posted by foxfire_ga79 View Post
You need to post more grammar lessons. I got a frickin 89% on my research paper. I would have gotten an A if you had bothered to teach me how to write in English.
Stay tuned. It will be a series. Your next research paper, grammar-wise, will be flawless.
Originally Posted by Tammyjh View Post
Too funny! My dh is the same way about getting ready in the morning while I still have time to sleep. Annoying is what it is!
Write him a love letter like I did to mine.
Originally Posted by Hey... Where's Perry? View Post
I'm offended.
Is it because I didn't include a picture of Lacey's bewbeez?
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