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August 7th, 2011, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MomMomMom View Post

But just for fun, let's think about this more deeply, shall we?

Colette Rayne (Nicole -> Nicolette -> Colette; Wayne -> Rayne)

Nicole is Greek and means Victory of the People. Well, technically that's Nicholas, but Nicole is the feminine form of Nicholas, so it's the same thing.

The obvious answer is Victoria, since you like it, and it means Victory. So it's sort of like Nicole in meaning, plus, you would have WON the name battle.
Victoria Rayne
Victoria Layne

Other victory names:
Kinsey means King's Victory
Cosette means Victorious people (sort of - it's a made up name. I'm not sure who decided what it means)
Veronica means Bringer of Victory
Eunice means Good Victory
Bernice means Victory bringer
Coline, and by extension, Coleen

Sigrid means Beautiful victory
Sigfreda means peaceful victory
The Laur-names (Laurel, Laura, Lauren) are derived from the laurel leaf, which was commonly made into a crown to signify victory.

Wayne is Old English and means "wagon maker." (Wow really?)
Other names that mean this: Waitwright and Wagner. No female ones.
I've already suggested Rayne and Layne as alternatives to Wayne. You could also do Mayne or Vayne, but I personally wouldn't, lol.
Another angle: A famous Wayne is John Wayne. Feminine forms of John include:
Johnna, Johanna, Joan, Joanna, Joanie, Gianna, Gianina, Jane, Jan, Jean, Jeannine, Shona, Vanna, Yannick, Yoanna.

Some combinations I actually like:
Lauren Johanna
Kinsey Jeannine
Coleen Johnna

And there are many other combinations that certainly don't sound bad. I'm not sure how I feel about Sigfreda, Eunice, and Beatrice, though.

The REAL difficulty at being an older mom is ALL the name baggage you pick up over the years.

Lauren- My 21 year old son's baby's momma name.

Kinsey- my DSD is Kennan and her sister is Kindel and DH step father who beat him was a Ken so no Ken names and My last name is McKinney. I dearly wanted to name Quinn McKinzie but couldn't due to last name issues. Dh won't even go for that!

Coleen- My 21 year old son's birth mother's name

Victoria is Dh fav name but it is my SIL's name and I have known her forever since we were both in High School.

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