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August 8th, 2011, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by ::er!ca:: View Post
I think your sister is being a little silly, honestly. Caroline and Karah are completely different names. Your sister may never get a girl anyway, she can't "call dibs" on a name for years and years, crossing her fingers that she may get a girl. She could change her mind too, and decide she doesn't even want to use the name Karah.

So, I say whoever gets pregnant with a girl first gets to use the name of their choice. If the other sibling gets pregnant with a girl after that and still wants to use Karah/Caroline "Cara" then they're always capable of doing so.

Besides, her "Karah" would be a middle name (which is probably rarely used) and your "Cara" would be a nickname which would be used regularly.
lol for years and three girl my BFF and I raced who could have a son named Nathan. In the end both have had sons. Neither named Nathan mine ended up being Bla Bla Bla the Third whoops. Her's ended being named Nicklaus.

Any way the only dibs I this is appropriate is a son who is a Junior or higher order being allowed dibs to his name sake name. Like my son being a third should get than name allocated to him.
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