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August 8th, 2011, 06:07 AM
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Its great to have a place to read and write about these experiences. The most important information I have to share is o be careful about some of the 'advice' you can get from less informed sites. Brown blood can mean miscarriage as it did with me.
I was 5 weeks in and had brown spotting on a visit home to my parents. My husband and mother tried to reassure me to stay calm and wait until the next morning but I just knew.
To start with I had really bad back ache, and a strange pain on one side like from the ovaries. I had very few dark BROWN spots of blood but after reading a million online blogs about implantation bleeding, light spotting, brown=good red=bad I tried to calm down and wait for the next day.
I slept very little and woke up feeling as if my period was coming (not good), then had more of the same mucosy, brown blood with what to me seemed like clots.
I went to the ER where as I was waiting started to lose significant amount of blood, was confirmed pregnant and sent to have an ultra sound where I was told I had lost the baby. I had a pelvic exam where the doctor saw that my cervix was closed so free to go home, they also removed a blood clot ( not nice ).
The following few days were painful, depressing, sad. It is of some help to anyone suffering that more often than not it happens for no reason but the fact that at one moment you have an amazing future planned ahead of you and at the next nothing is unbearably hard. I am now fine physically and am concentrating on trying again as soon as I get the go-ahead from my gyn in September
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