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August 8th, 2011, 10:16 AM
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Honestly, those triplet contractions is an indication of baby being malpositioned. In which case breaking the water could have worsened the situation by not letting baby rotate in the way they needed to. (Question: Did the triplets stop after the water breaking?) Even if it did help the triplets, everything else you are describing fits baby being malpositioned as well. Not progressing, etc. If baby isn't applied correctly to the cervix it will not dilate. Those labors are so hard and so difficult to make through! There are some position changes that you can do in labor to help encourage baby to turn, if it were to happen again next time. But honestly, many mama's just get exhausted and the epidural helps them relax and rest while baby negotiates his/her way out. The epidural can actually save you from a c-section! So I truly believe epidurals have their time and place and it sounds like you were one of them.

But that does NOT mean that you are doomed this route again! Baby being malpositioned might have just been a fluke, but if it were to happen again you can change positions in labor and such to help baby turn. This is where having a doula would be a great help! They can help recognize the labor pattern and encourage you and help you get into beneficial positions.

I"m sorry you had a hard time, but remain hopeful!!!

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