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August 8th, 2011, 01:31 PM
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I have a personal experience with something similar. I've always loved the name Kambri/Kambry for years and years and it's the only name DH liked also. Well, I made the mistake and told a friend (also my sister's friend) that I love the name. The next thing I knew my sister named her little girl Cambry (So, yes different spelling, but still same name). I got pregnant a year little with our little girl and I cried because I no longer wanted to use the name that meant so much to me and DH and we finally came up with a different name(even though Kambri is still my favorite name choice). So, from experience it can be touchy situation. But, if she's using as a middle name, then that's totally different; And you're using it as a nn for Caroline. My sister actually heard the name liked it and then just used it, which to me is somewhat different. But, If you think it'd really disappoint your sister then maybe explain to her and if she still seems reluctant then maybe try for another name; Because, from experience it can be a huge disappointment!
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