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August 8th, 2011, 07:19 PM
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Day 4...

Got a hold of my OB. She's awesome, but definitely not an RE. She wants me to WAIT until AFTER my ovulation for my u/s to show how many follies I already ovulated! UG. Definitely not the kind of monitoring I'm used to through my RE, whom I won't return to unless I have to... he seemed to half-*** things...

Anyway. She said wait until CD 15. Welll...... I can't wait that long, and she mentioned somewhere that she thought my cycle started on Wed. instead of Fri., and I let her think that so I can get my u/s earlier! It should be Wed, then (for HER cd 15), but I'm even going to push it and see if I can get it on Tuesday.

I *might* O on Tuesday, but I would guess that is as late as I might go.

It's all a waiting game, and I'm really trying to stay quite relaxed about it.

Good thing: she said she'll code it as issue with ovulation/check for cysts, so insurance covers it. That's good! And, in all reality, we wanted this so we could see how I responded to clomid, and this will tell us (but after the fact)... so I guess I should stop worrying about it and just get something scheduled.

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