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August 10th, 2011, 11:23 AM
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Tues night around 10 I got my first dose of miso. I was 1.5 cm/70%. I was contracting regularly but still able to kick a lil butt at pinochle and laugh with my parents. At 1 or 2, they gave me a second dose, I was still 1.5/70%. My contractions really picked up. I was contracting every two minutes, sometimes more. The pain was very strong but I was tolerating it well enough. I thought I was at a level 6 on the pain thing... silly me. They were expecting to need to give me one or two more doses of miso... but my contractions were so close together, that they didnt need to. At 7 or 8, the nurse checked me and said that the night had yielded a good 2 cm/85% effaced. I was a lil dissapointed.

Around 9, the OB came in to see if it was time to start pitocin. He charted me at 1 cm/80%... but he had big fingers... so Im not counting his! haha He decided instead to break my water first. Holy ****. Any pain scale I have ever known went out the window. I have never known such horrendous pain. I literally couldnt speak. I counted and breathed through every contraction, but in my head i was trying to figure out a way to convince someone to give me a csection in that very room. I was very nervous about getting an epidural at only 1-2 cm... i didnt want to stall things, but I really didnt have alot of choice. So I told them to stick that **** thing in ASAP!

It was a LOOOOOONG hour, but at 10, the anethesiologist arrived. He was super sweet (everyone was) and got that thing in super fast. 15 min later, I was still feeling the contractions VERY strongly... but only on one side, which brought my pain down from a 10 to a 9.75. So they gave me another dose, and whammo... Mike said it was like Katie suddenly came back. It was a weird feeling but ANYTHING would have been better than that pain.

At 11, the nurse charted me at 4 cm and 100%, I believe. I cried cause I was so happy we were finally making progress. At this point that werent sure they were even gonna need the pitocin. At 12:30, the nurse came in to go to lunch and jokingly told me not to have the bay while she was gone (which obviously woulnt be an issue since I was only 4cm.

At 1, my midwife stopped in to check me and see if we might need the pitocin. She started the cervical check and got a weird look on her face. "I cant find your cervix"... after several jokes of making sure she was in the right hole, she said I think youre ready. I thought she was joking. I really did.

She told me not to get too excited yet, and that first time moms often have to push for hours. She told me to try some practice pushes. After a couple pushes, she once again got a very surprised look on her face and said, I can see the baby's head. Within a few pushes, she was crowning. Though she seemed to get stuck there. Her head was half out for 15-20 min. After 20 more min of pushing (30 min in total) she was out. Her shoulder had gotten stuck on something, or else it would have been even shorter! It was super fast. Even the staff was shocked. Mike thinks that because i was essentially in labor for a whole week before, that my body was very very ready and just needed the starting push. I dont regret the induction one bit.

It was amazing. She is gorgeous, comin in at 8lbs 8 oz/20.75 inches.... i dont think she looks a thing like either of us! She has a ton of hair and the longest fingers that ive ever seen. I think her huge pouty upper lip is my favorite though... god knows where she got that.

She is eating and poopin like a pro and super quiet and sleepy.... though she had a rough day so we arent expecting that to last.

Michael is amazing with her... he has already changed diapers and is an expert swaddler. He is a natural and was such an amazing birthing partner. I couldnt ask for anything more.

Life is surreal, though Im still not sure that it has sunk in that this lil person will coming home with me tomorrow.

I would do it all again in a second. Though next time I think I would get an epidural before I let them break my water!


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