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August 10th, 2011, 06:16 PM
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So I worked for a small private Dr's office (just me my manager and my little sister who I got a job)before I went on mat leave this dr is a complete a** and had always insulted and been incredibly rude to his employees but I stayed because it payed well was close tp home and I worked with one of my very good friends.
Well a month ago I gave my notice to end my mat leave and return to work I was supposto be returning tommorow, well over the last week or so I have been in a few times to see when he would like me to start because I kinda need to let my mom know because she was supposto be the one watching dd.

So today my manager ( who is also my good friend) had a emergency come up and needed to leave work right away and my sister refused to go in so the dr told her to call me in, sure it was supper short noticed but I was thrilled as I really need to get 600 hrs in before the end of Jan. And I asummed that ment I was going to be coming back to work a day early because according to the labour bord he legally has to hier me back tommorow well.....

Here is where I get royally pissed I'm so upset I don't know what to do and am at a loss, so after work I go in to talk to him and ask him what time he wants me to be in tommorow and he's like I don't need you yet maybe in a few weeks, and I'm like I need to know when I'm starting because I have to find care for my dd I can't just be on call for when ever I also told him that I gave him my notice to return to work 1 month ago and am intitled to my job back tommorow.
Then he started freaking out on me calling my phyciatricaly mentally unstable and saying that he has every right to diagnose me however he wants because he's a dr ( he's a gp not a psyc dr! And on top of that he's not my dr!!!)
Then he told He's not giving me my job back and he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to he can do as he pleases and that my little sister wants more hrs anyways so he doesn't need me.

Also he doesn't plan on paying me for my time today

Well any ways I left the office in tears because he was screaming at me so loudly and on top of that my sister is happy I didn't get my job back because she wanted it!!!! I called her crying told her what the
dr said to me and that he had no intentions of even paying me for the day! And all she could say is "what do u want me to do about it I need the money for my art classes!!!) (so u have art classes what about my dd your niece that needs to be fed)
I just can't believe her I'f he would have done that to her I would have told him off and quit!

I just don't know what to do I live In Canada and as much as they say they have these laws here to protect us, they really don't so I file a complaint the most I'll get is a apology letter! If that ( I called the labour bord that's what they told me well yeah he legally has to hire you back but we can't make him if you file a complaint it may take 6 months or longer you may get a apology letter!)
What the he'll is a apology letter going to do for me!?!
Is it going to help pay the mortgage on out house that we just bought that is now most likely going to be forclosed on or we will starve to death living off of only my so income!
I live in Edmonton and it is imposable tp get a job here when you are pregnant, I am 14 weeks and already starting to show even if I don't tell them right away all employers here have 3 months where they can fier you and don't even have to give you a reason! And If I flat out tell them they won't hier me ( I had a friend try last year Tim hortons wouldn't even hire her! )

Sorry for the extremely long rant/ sob story I am just so pissed of wish I could have got it on record all the insults he called me and how loud he was screaming at me so I could have charged him for slander or something , I'm just so upset I can't stop crying and there's nothing I can do about it
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