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August 10th, 2011, 08:01 PM
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If he thought you were so mental or whatever, why would he even have wanted you there today, even if he wasn't planning on paying you. And how can he not pay you for working?! I would not want to work for that man after that anyway, but I do understand how it would be hard to find another job. I would say to write him a letter explaining that he has no right to fire you after you have legally been on maternity leave and that you deserve to get paid for the day of work you gave to him and if he doesn't hire you back and pay you for the day that you will take further action. When he agreed to let you go on maternity leave he understood that it didn't mean you were leaving your job permanently, just temporarily. The fact that there is someone else that can work more hours than you doesn't mean he can fire you. If he is saying he can take you back in a few weeks, then I would make him put it in writing so he can't back out on it. Stand your ground and don't let this arrogant, inconsiderate, rude man get the best of you. Good luck!

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