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August 11th, 2011, 01:44 AM
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wow...i sucked at updating this during the month of july I did make it to the gym a few times, mostly for swimming though. We went on a few family bike rides and that was about it. I had NO motivation what so ever. So time for an update... as of yesterday's weigh-inI'm down a pound...not a lot but better than gaining so i'll take it. Finally got my measurments updated and i did my mile jog/walk tonight (wednesday- i know it's after midnight but it's still wednesday night to me LOL) so i have that update as well. First my workout updates for tuesday and wednesday-

Tuesday, 8/9: 25 mins on the pikes peak setting on the treadmill. 2.9 mph, 1.25 miles, 208 calories. Did an upper body weight lifting session and Day 1 of 30DS on level 1

Wednesday, 8/10: 15:29 jog/walk mile. up 29 seconds from 6/30 but for not doing my mile in nearly a month and a half that's not bad. it'll slowly come back down. lower body/leg weights and Day 2 of 30DS on level 1.

Measurment updates:

Bust: (4/18/11) 45.75" (8/9/11) 44.25" = (-)1.5"

Waist: (4/18) 45" (8/9) 46.5" = (+)1.5"

Biceps: (4/18) L- 16.25", R- 16.25" (8/9) L- 16.75", R- 16.75" = (+)0.50" L & R

Hips: (4/18) 52.25", (8/9) 52.75" = (+)0.50"

Thighs: (4/18) L- 30.25", R- 30.25" (8/9) L- 30.25", R- 30.25" = No Change

calves: (4/18) L- 16.25", R- 16.25" (8/9) L- 16.75", R- 16.75" = (+)0.50" L & R

Updated pictures (please excuse my sweaty self--these were taken like 5mins after getting home from the gym on 8/9/11:

and my last pics from 1/23/11:

Even though I'm the same weight in the pictures I can see that the shape of my body has changed...and not for the better. Definitely time to get back on track and be more consistent. I'll post tomorrows workout later on.

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