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August 11th, 2011, 08:36 AM
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I think he has no other choice but to hire you back. Unless there was major reorganization where you work (which it doesn't seem to be the case) or you had bad evaluation prior to maternity leave. My mom is a HR for Nortel, and knows all the rules as she had to cut some positions while some were on maternity leave, and also had to protect employees on maternity leave agains managers who didn't want them back.

Even if it takes 6 moths or 9 months before something happens after filing a complaint, you should do it. Chances are, he will have do give you a big compensation check.

Pregnant women are usually the most protected by the system, and companies are usually afraid to fire them becausee they know they don't stand a chance at wining in a legal process and compensation fees get nasty for them. Obviously, that doctor is an as***** and thinks that because he is a doctor, he is above all law or system. He'll get a wake up call pretty soon.

Stay strong and do what is right!

As for your sister, I'm speechless.

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