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August 12th, 2011, 08:31 AM
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Thanks for the repllys
Well according to my sister he talked to her some time ago and told her he had no intention of giving me my job back ever.
Yesterday was a very busy day I went to te labour bord and filed a complaint they did say it could take up to 7 months but most likely I would get a cash settlement due to the cercimstances, I also filed a complaint with the human rights bord for discrimanation (called me an they told me I could file discrimination for the acusation of mental illness and for being on mat leave)
Contacted a legal aid to speak with a lawyer they told me to call back today
And filed a complaint with the collage of physicians for trying to diagnose me when I am not even his pt. And in the mannor that he done it.

Hopefully this goes some where apparently he has been bad mouthing me to manager and sister ever sence but my manager says she will stand behind me 100% it's pretty sad that my sister doesn't feel that way though....
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