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August 13th, 2011, 07:29 AM
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Hi, Jenna...

I tend to surge and O super early (like between CD 10 and 13), especially when on meds, and my estradiol levels start to rise around cD 3, so the guess is my follies are "recruited" early on. The goal to take it from 1-5 is to encourage MORE follies to "recruit" and mature, and then the injects help them mature better than without. When I waited til cd 3 with the femara and injects, I only had 1 follie after all that, so it was a waste of $, since I do naturally O on my own.

It's all a crap shoot, really... but research is starting to show that cd 1-5 has a good success rate I just hope I'm one of them.

Well.... today's CD 9. OPK's are all still white, except that one freak one yesterday morning that had faded in a bit. I have no idea what it all means, except I just have to keep an eye on my temps. I don't feel O pains at all, just some throbbing, and there's not a whole lot of cm going on, even though my estradiol levels are nice and high.

Anwyay... getting b/w done today. Although, since it's the weekend, I may not hear back until Monday! But even hindsight will assure me whether or not I O'ed or will O today because they are also going to check my LH and progesterone levels.

So, one more day! I'll update, especially if the OPK's really begin to do their job. The best news at this point is: The OPK yesterday was a fluke... I am not or did not O yesterday or today... my OPK's today start to fade in and I can trigger tonight or tomorrow morning, and then I O tomorrow night or Monday some time! That would be OPTIMAL!!!
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