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August 5th, 2006, 08:24 AM
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I plan each subject out for each child for the year. I look at how many pages or lessons each subject has. I already know that I will be teaching for 30 weeks...5 days each, so that is 150 days. I then write out the lessons by week...Week 1, Days 1-5....Week 2, Days 1-5, etc. until I finish through the 30th week. I do that for each subject, making sure that they will make it through their books.
Then, I have a small notebook that I write out their weekly plans in. This is just a daily list for each one of them, taken from the yearly plan that I have already done, that tells what order they will do their subjects and for approximately how long.
They system is really easy and flexible. The great thing is that once I have it all written down for the year, I don't have to think about it is just a matter of doing it.
I hope this helps. I am fairly new at this, but it worked for me last year.
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