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August 14th, 2011, 06:54 PM
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I must have a different experiance than other people here, BUT

I have 28 god children, soon tobe 30. Out of the last 5 baby girls bown, 3 are named Alice. My godmother is Alice, I have 4 cousins named Alice. One of the soon to be god babies is a surprise baby, mom and dad are naming the baby Alise(Pronounced Alice) if its a girl. She is in labor now as I write this.

I also have two neices(one on ex husbands side one on mine) who are Alice, And Alysce(pronounced the name).

Since the new Movie has come out it seems all my friends are naming baby girlsAlice, or some form of it. I would look for a different name if i were you.

Also-I noticed your location, one cousin, and two god daughters are located all around that area. And i am sure you can gues their names

I love the name, but considering of the abve mentioned, only 2 people(god mother and cousin) are over the age of 3. Hope this helps.
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