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August 15th, 2011, 10:11 AM
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So I've been totally obsessing about names! DH and I are not trying/not preventing. Anyway, we've been talking about names. Singletons are easy. For a boy, DH really wants a junior so that's easy; William Michael jr. girls names are a lot harder for us. For a girl, I like Annabelle Lillian. It's got meaning because my grandmother's name is Anne and my my mil's middle name is Ann. DH's late grandmother's name was Lillian. Then we go to talking about what if we have same-sex twins. Boys, again, are easy. We agreed on William Michael jr. and Dominic Jacob. Dominic is a name we both love and Jacob is after my great grandfather. Girls are a little harder, but I suppose we could name one Annabelle and one Lillian. No ideas yet for middle name in case of twin girls. Then we got to talking about same sex triplets. Again, boys are rather easy; William Michael jr., Dominic Jacob, and Zachary David. Zachary is a name we both like and David was my late grandfather. Girls were much harder, but we've got Annabelle, Lillian, and possibly Cassandra. We both like the name Cassandra, but it's got no family significance. Other female names that do have family significance we don't really like. They include Rita, Ethel, and Esther. We have no idea about middle names. Oh, George is a family name too, but that's a male name and the only female form of it that I like is Georgia and DH won't go for that.

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