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August 15th, 2011, 10:58 AM
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YAY!!! Good morning this morning!

My #'s came in from Saturday's blood draw...
E2 was 938 (indicative of 3 good follies)
LH was 2.4 (no surge)
P4 was .4 (no missed ovulation!)

Had my u/s and last blood draw for this pre-o cycle... and ...

I DO have 3 good fat follies growing! and a few small, immeasurable ones.

They are:
1 on left at avg of 22.5
2 on right at avg of 25 and 19

Lining is nice and thick at 14.5, thickest ever! So, the clomid didn't impair my lining, or the injects reversed any issues, or both, because it's good

So... game plan... (this is where it gets exciting)...

If OPK's aren't even fading in in the slightest, 1 more shot of menopur to help mature that 19 and trigger first thing Tues morning (cd 12).

If OPK's begin to fade in today, no menopur and trigger late tonight.

This means that most likely O day is Wednesday! and the BD will get really busy today through Wed or even Thurs., depending on temps.

Thank God. I'm sick of guessing.

I'll probably get my lab results tomorrow for my hormone levels, and I hope it's just as promising as the last set was.
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