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August 15th, 2011, 02:00 PM
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I posted in the welcome board and was invited to come over and join this board.

I am new here, we have been ttcing for 27 months and I am currently waiting for the dreaded witch. I am 36 and hubby is 28, I do have 2 beautiful daughters age 16 and 13, but my husband has no children. I had a tubal ligation done when my youngest was born and a tubal reversal done in April 09. When we started ttcing in April 09, we got pregnant quickly but sadly loss that pregnancy early on. We went back to ttcing and again go pregnant again quickly and again sadly loss that pregnancy before the 6 week mark.

Since that time, we have not been pregnant again to my knowledge. After so many let downs I stopped testing early and just let the wicked witch show up. My periods changed after the last m/c going from a normal 28-29 day cycle, with medium-light flow with no spotting to nearly none existant periods where the only indication was a whole lot of spotting. I had an hsg done in June '10 which showed my left tube was open and my right tube seemed open but then flow stopped. Radiologist said that the right tube was blocked but that he needed to get a clearer picture and would send results to my doctor. Well my doctor told me that the right tube was not blocked and that both tubes were open, the right one just spasmed closed.

So we went back to the drawing board and continued ttcing on our own. June '11 I returned to my doctor and had testing done that showed I was not ovulating regularly, my cycles varied from 25-32 days with weak ovulation when I did ovulate.

I was then prescribed 50 mg of clomid for days 5-9. My first cycle on clomid showed a difference in my period which I thought was great, instead of only needing a pantyliner the entire 2-3 days I actually needed a pad. My first cycle on clomid was started in June and now I have done a 2nd cycle of clomid.

On sunday I expect AF to arrive but when she didnt I expected her to arrive today and she still have not shown up. I am now on cd 30 with no sign of AF. I have been cramping the last 3 days (which is very unusal for me) and I never in all 27 cycles had sore nipples and this cycle my nipples are so painful and sensitive. I usually get backache, sore boobs under the arms and issues with my stomach that woudl indicate AF is coming but none of that has happened.

My last 6 cycles have been between 27-29 days. I just am trying to stay grounded and expecting the wicked witch to appear tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my story and welcoming to your boards.
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