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August 16th, 2011, 09:14 AM
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Thank you! We actually saw the pediatric cardiologist. My son had an echocardiogram and and EKG done there as well. The doctor found some sort of leak in his aorta on the echo, but said right now its minor.. he didnt have much time to talk to us because that appt was just for the tests.. he said he'd discuss this more with us at his next appointment. I dont even have a name for it, but he said it will need to be periodically evaluated.

HOWEVER, he said THIS issue is not what should be causing my DS's tachycardia. He said that if it was the concerta he would have a steady rapid heart rate, not the episodes he's been having, however he hasn't had an episodes since we stopped the medication.. Which before he was having them almost everyday. (coincedence?) we need to keep a dairy of his episodes and go back in september.

My distant cousin.. she's like my 2nd cousin..her daughter has a really bad reactiong to stratera. She actually got taken to the hospital by ambulance from school. She had tachycardia episodes and a VERY high blood pressure. Her mom told me though that it occurred after 2 weeks of being on the med, and was a constant thing until she went off the meds. But what if it doesn't work that way for everyone and my son was getting episodes instead? I am praying the medication didnt do the leak thing to his heart.
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