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August 16th, 2011, 12:15 PM
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We are currently adjusting to our newest family member, George, who arrived yesterday afternoon. I will write his birth story while it is still fresh in my mind! Giving birth is such an experience! It didnít quite feel as amazing and miraculous as the first time, but overall my experience was much better!

Having hit my due date on Saturday, I had sort of given up on the idea of him ever getting born. I mean, I knew he would, but I really didnít know when. I was preparing myself to go at least a week overdue at that point.

I fell asleep okay Sunday night but the girls woke up and I couldnít quite fall back to sleep around 4am. My stomach felt a little weird. Maybe hunger pangs? So I went downstairs and had some cereal and then fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 7:30 and when I peed there was a bit of blood in the toilet. That got me wondering if I would go into labor soon. So I told Daryl the baby might arrive that day and just make sure he took my call at work. Around 9 am I was starting to feel some contractions so I put the kids in front of a movie with popcorn and juice. I timed them using contraction master on the internet. There wasnít much of a pattern, but they definitely werenít going away. Around 9:30 I called Marg, my MIL, and asked her about her schedule that day. I also called the birth center and told the receptionist that I figured I was in early labor and wanted to give them the heads up.

By about 10:20 I was having to breathe through some of the contractions so I called Daryl and asked if he could come home and called Marg and asked her to skip her gym class and come over instead. By that point Joey was bored of the movie and pestering me, which was not fun during contractions. I still could function and talk through things just fine, but I realized that the baby would be arriving probably sometime that day.

Bloody discharge continued but my water had not broken, which was sort of the signal I was waiting for to know for sure that things were really happening. Grandma/Marg showed up around 11 much to the girls delight and dismay. They were happy to see her but Zaniyah and Josephine started saying they wanted to come to the birth center with me. That was definitely not happening and there were some tears. Analiese, on the other hand, was intending to come along and be joined there by Stella, my best friend. By the time Daryl arrived home around 11:15 or so thing were much more intense. I had just finished having a shower and he insisted we call the midwife and tell her we were on our way. I made the call while he packed the car. The receptionist took the call and told me the midwife would call me back. When she called a few minutes later Daryl answered the phone. She asked to talk to me. She was trying to gauge where I was in labor. I told her that I was at the point where I was with Joey that I started telling Daryl to take me to the hospital. So she agreed I could come to the birth center. She wasnít actually having office hours but happened to be there - which turned out to be very lucky!

There was some confusion/stress about whether or not Analiese would accompany us. I finally got through to Stellaís cell (we had been messaging on FB earlier) and she said she would meet us there after stopping by home to nurse Nathan. We asked her to come and pick up Analiese when she came, rather than take her with us. It was a wise choice.

So we were finally on our way to the birth center. It was only about a 3-4 minute drive and I had contractions on the way. We got there shortly before noon and Melicia, the midwife, showed us the room to go in. She came in to check me. I expressed some uncertainty about my progress as my water hadnít broken yet. ďI hope Iím not like 1 cm,Ē I apologized in advance. She put on a glove and had me lay back on the bed.

ďUm, youíre a nine with a bulging bag of waters,Ē she informed me.

ďSo, I guess Iím giving birth today?Ē I queried. I didnít mean it as rhetorical question, but Iím not sure if I got more of an answer than a chuckle.

She left the room and called the nurse telling her to get there ASAP. She came back in the room and told Daryl if the nurse didnít arrive in time for the birth he would have to be the time man and call out times of the events. She checked me again and I was still 9cm, but she said it was just a tiny bit of cervix remaining and I could go ahead and push if I felt like it. We discussed how pushing went for me last time and I was nervous about that part because I knew it hurt. She reassured me that this time may be different and that I could listen to my body vs. the ďhold my breath like I was going underwater, count down, PUSH!!!Ē experience I had in the hospital.

By that point I was at 10 cm and I told her I was feeling some pressure but still not feeling any need to push. Then my amniotic sac broke! I was then swimming the backstroke in a huge bloody puddle on the bed. Yuck! Melicia and the student/intern Helen who had arrived did their best to put pads under me and contain the mess but it was not pleasant lying there. Melicia told me that with the next contraction I would likely feel more like pushing because the cushioning effect of the amniotic sac was gone. Sure enough I felt like I could push with the next contraction. I braced myself against the pain I knew would be coming and bore down. I heard lots of excitement and encouragement. I believe his head emerged with that contraction. The next contraction I gave it all I had again and the rest of him emerged. What relief! Finally I could see the little being who had been occupying my body for the past nine months.

The quick labor and trip through the birth canal meant there was still a good amount of fluid in his lungs, so even though he was crying and pink and looked okay to me there was a whole lot of suctioning that followed. Poor little guy. Poor me as well, though. His emergence had reopened the second degree tear I had received while birthing Josephine. Even with the numbing, my goodness! Ouch! And it took a long time to stitch up too, it seemed.

Finally we were both good to go and I was able to get out of the puddle and remove my sopping dress. We left it there with the other biohazardous waste. Thankfully there were no further troubles. I didnít pass out or anything which also happened to me at the hospital. At the birth center they made me eat and drink lots before I got out of bed the first time to pee.

By that time my friend Stella had arrived with Analiese. It was actually perfect timing. I donít think Analiese minded too much that she had missed the birth and she still was the first to hold him after Daryl, me, and obviously the nurse and midwife.

George had a bit of trouble maintaining his temperature for the first bit, but after some good skin to skin snuggling he did it no problem. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 21 inches long. He was born at 12:28 pm. We left for home around 4 pm that afternoon. I really enjoyed my experience at the Valley Birthplace and think everything worked out perfectly.

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