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August 17th, 2011, 08:13 PM
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I am doing well. My DH is going to be home on Friday so I am excited. He has been over seas for a couple weeks now. I have been lonely and the dog is really missing his father. I have a midwife appointment on the 26th. I think I am going to request another ultrasound to check on the bleed. I have had some dark brown discharge the last day- I didn't call about it. It is very minimal and I think it is just bleed working its way out. I would like to know though so I am hopeful they will let me have a 16 week ultrasound. That will also let us make a better decision on continuing or discontinuing the OB treatment which is hydroxy progesterone injections every week. I would like to stop those if at all possible. Not only will it give us more info but I think we could also get a gender!! My gender us is currently set for 18 weeks so a couple weeks early would be nice .

Other then that I have this weird rash. I did change my body wash a couple days ago so I think I am having an allergic reaction. It sucks because it itches! Especially at night!!

Sheri - I am glad you had a great appointment! Put your mind at rest a little. Good luck with PT. I am an OT but have no idea what pre-natal PT looks like.

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