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August 18th, 2011, 05:18 PM
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Out of the mentioned, here are my likes and why...

Cecelia - was on my list, forgot about it when typing, so doesn't bode well??
Esme - was on my last daughter's name list, still like, but Twilight? Already have an Isabella and Edward in the mix which was unintentional btw.
Scarlette - really like, but SO doesn't
Viviana - did have Vivienne, but SO knows one that he can't stand
Eleanore - Absolutely love this name, have an aunt Eleanore, but too close to Ella. There quite a few names I like but are just too close.
Lenore - like this one too, is a variation of my grandmother's name Leona that I've been tossing around.
Liliana - this was also on my dd's name list, still like, but know too many similar now
Aurora - love love love this one, but it's not right

Theodore - LOVE, but SO vetoes, but doesn't hate Theo
Eyan - yes, like Ian, but I don't like the spelling with the I.
Fisher - I like, but am hesitant and not sure why
Thatcher - not said, but I really like. Can't use as it's too close to my last name though.
Thaddeus - not said, but like this one too. Pretty sure it will go the way of Theodore though.

OK, so all that... I have a thing for names that can be broken down in to nicknames. I'd say I don't know why, but I think I do. My name is Jennifer, so common in the 70's. Anyway, throughout my childhood people called me Jenny, which I've always hated. As an adult, I go by Jennifer professionally, and my close friends call me Jen. Family still calls me Jenny, which makes me feel 12 and I hate, but oh well. (Not that it's not fine for others, I just don't feel "Jenny") So.... I like names that allow my child to make a choice and choose what they want to be called by later in life. Take Ella, if she doesn't like that later, she can be Bella, she can be Isabella, she can be Izzy, she can be many different variations of her given name. I wanted just Ella, but went with Isabella for that reason (even though it's so common, which makes me cringe now, but I couldn't see her as anything else at the time). See what I'm saying? Maybe I'm weird, but means something to me.

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