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August 19th, 2011, 11:34 AM
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Week 32

Just home from my 32 week check-up. Maggie is doing great, moving all over the place and growing a LOT. If you believe ultrasounds as measuring tools (which I generally don't, I think they're not really all that accurate at this point), she weighs 5 lbs and is in the 87th percentile. This would be a HUGE growth from 2 weeks ago when she was supposedly in the 57th percentile. She's still head down with her butt up and to my left. My cervix was shorter but still over 2 CM, and that's the last time they'll look at it until she comes out, unless I have signs of preterm labor. They also don't plan to do any more ultrasounds unless I have issues.

The doc (it was Harding again, the guy who delivered Jim who I really like) gave me the report from the EKG, which was basically that I was having some tachycardia (racing heart) and shortness of breath after that. I explained how much better I feel since drinking gatorade, and he said I should be their spokesperson. I said, "Except I think it tastes TERRIBLE."

He said everything looks great and he sees no signs I won't make it full term and be begging them to just get her out of there at 40 weeks. The only thing I'll be continuing to do that's "special" is having the progesterone shots, which will continue until 36 weeks. He said some women go into labor right away after going off them, which is why he wants to continue them with me, which makes total sense.

The doc also said he's so glad to see me and DH smiling, and that we totally made his day. I think being a high-risk doc could be a real downer, so it probably makes him happy to have a patient who's doing just fine. It makes me happy too!!!

So, all good news today! Feeling really good, and totally amazed that I'm 32 weeks. Honestly, I don't think I really believed when we started this journey that I'd make it this far, so I'm just totally in shock that I have. And, I've got my doc appointments scheduled now out to 38 weeks...38 weeks, I can't believe that's actually in sight!
~Beth in Seattle

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