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August 20th, 2011, 10:05 AM
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Hey there all!
I am 24 and married for 3 years, own my own business with my husband and have 4 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a bird! I love all my animals dearly and want to add a little one to the mix. I am doing this "journal" to keep my mind on track sometimes and just to get some people's ideas. I cannot talk about this with my mom yet about TTC because she will be all over me everyday asking Q's like "do you feel like your prego?" or "you really need to go to bed early because you need your rest". LOL I love her and we have a special situation where we live. We have 24 acres where my hubby and I live along with my mother's grandparents next door, and my parents just a few hundred yards from them. It is a family compound!

So enough with my background I would like to tell you about my TTC background. Like i said I am 24 years old with scoliosis just on my upper back and I do have bars in the upper portion. I also have very mild asthma. I went off the pill about 2 months ago and we TTC the first ovulation because i know i was ovulating even on the pill because i was inconsistent about taking it the same time every day. Well got a visit from AF on Wednesday..... and wow i remember why i liked being on BC in the first place haha! I was a little disappointed with AF and that whole two week wait from ovulation to AF was awful! I am not a person of great patience especially when it comes to life altering situations So i peed on about 6 sticks even on the morning AF showed up! Nothing..... obviously. So we are going to try again the next ovulation time. I think I am going to try the diva cup to "hold everything in" after we "woo woo". I am using it while AF is here and I really like it!

On to what I would like to have for my birth plan. We are touring the a birth center Wednesday and I cannot wait! I do not want to go to the hospital to deliver (unless absolutely necessary) and home birth really freaked my hubby out haha! So anyway I will let yall know my thoughts on the place when I go. I met with one OB just to ask some Qs and i was rushed through my Qs and really did not feel like she even wanted to answer me. I asked about a water birth and she skoffed at it and mummbled something about it being "dangerous" Anyway I will not be going back to that OB. But I hope that when we do conceive I will be able to have a natural birth

Any comments are appreciated and I hope all my peeing on sticks will turn out good soon enough!
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