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August 24th, 2011, 08:17 AM
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I grieve that all of the plans I had for my birth didnt work out. I hated the on call doctor. I was waiting for my DS's father ,who was in another state at the time and was on a plane rushing to get here, and had only been in labor for 9 hours when she started the awful pitocin. She didnt even glance at my birth plan. My sons father didnt make it for the birth. I was 5 weeks early and scared. They did the epidural too late ( partly my fault because I kept holding off) and I pushed 10 min afterward. I didnt feel the epidural or rather lack of feeling in my legs till after he was born and I couldnt walk for well over an hour.

I am excited about my second chance at having a delivery my way. I agree that births are never clean easy but they should be in a way that WE are comfortable. Doctors dont seem to get that.
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