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August 24th, 2011, 01:34 PM
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Jen - Hang in there.... you never know what is going to happen... As you can see from my Beta numbers they didn't double at first... and they told me it was all over... I have never cried so much in my life... then they couldn't see anything for a while... than when they did see something they said it was measuring behind schedule.. and once again it didn't look good... I honestly didn't relax until I hit 12 weeks because of all the "set backs" and I was also spotting a lot (which I did with all my successful pregnancies). I will keep on cheering for you!!!!!

Katie - Did you get your NT results back?

AFM - I am ten weeks away from the scheduled C-Section today!!! I am very swollen and feel like the girl in the movie "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" that turned into a big blueberry... hahahaha... I am starting to get too big for my maternity clothes.... I am feeling Sebastian move all the time... it is what makes me keep positive... it is as if he knows that I need a "kick" of happiness..
Me (38) DH (35)

IVF Cycle #1
01/18/11... Egg Retrieval - 22 Eggs!
01/19/11... RE called: 15 eggs mature and of those 12 eggs fertilized!
01/21/11... RE called 7 eggs are good quality, 3 eggs are questionable, and 2 eggs didn't advance and were disgarded.
01/23/11.. 5day Transfer - 2 Embryo - Quality 1DD - No embryo's made it to freeze.
IVF Cycle #2
02/16/11... Egg Retrieval - 11 Eggs
02/17/11... RE called: 9 eggs mature and all 9 eggs fertilized!!!
02/19/11... 3day Transfer - (3) 8 Cell Perfect Embryo - No Fragmentation - No embryo's made it to freeze.
02/26/11... HPT - very light BFP 02/28/11... Beta Test - 12dpo - 20
14dpo - 31 / 16dpo - 75.3 / 19dpo - 343.4 / 21dpo - 1028 / 23dpo - 2459 / 26dpo - 5933 / 29dpo - 13643
03/10 - Saw Sac and Yolk - - 03/16 - Saw Heartbeat!!!!

Remembering my lost one 02/05/09
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