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August 24th, 2011, 02:43 PM
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So today my Mom gets a phone call, asking if we can come to my daughters school, asking if we can come to the school because Lily was found with pills in her coin purse during lunch. I then had this OH ****! Moment listening in... I gave Lily my coin purse today, the one I hadn't used in ages and thought was empty. I hadn't used it in months and months, Lily was taking money to school for lunch until I could load her lunch account with money. So I am racking my brain trying to think what was in the coin purse, until I remembered that I had put my nortriptyline in there months ago to take to Tony's in there one night, I am talking probably close to a year ago, and hadn't used that coin purse since. Its a hello kitty coin purse and has sat in my desk ever since.

Lily knows not to touch any medicine or anything, so she wasn't in any danger of taking pills or anything. So I am not worried about that. But driving to school, I am freaking out about the no tolerance policy. Absolutely scared ****less that my second grader could be suspended or expelled over my medicine from my stupidity over not remembering that I used to use that **** coin purse.

So we get to her school, and her principal is just fine! She calls Lily in, and Lily is a little scared. She thinks she's in trouble and we assure her that she's not. Her principal tells her that if she ever finds any medicine, a weapon, if she finds a threatening note, if she hears anything bad, that she has a "no questions asked" policy and she will never be in trouble if she goes to her teacher or principal. So she isn't in trouble, she was honest, she turned it into her teacher and told her that it was my medicine and my purse that she borrowed. The school is actually having an assembly next week about what to do in this kind of situation, so this is kind of a good thing to open up a conversation. You could tell Lily was still pretty scared, we had to keep assuring her she wasn't in any trouble at all.

Ay yi yi! I feel like such a crap Mommy! I really was scared myself, fully expecting them to say that they needed to take action under the no tolerance policy. I mean heck, kids are suspended and even expelled over freaking tylenol for headaches. I am just glad my vicodin wasn't in there! I'm just glad she handed it over to the lunch lady, the lunch lady saw it drop but Lily immediately handed it over to her and said "This is my Moms medicine."

Just so, sooooo thankful she wasn't suspended or worse!!!!!!!
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