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August 26th, 2011, 03:34 AM
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Any way I was given five names to choose from, Eleanor, Viviann, Victoria, Genevieve, and Samantha. With the first three being chew up and spit out the next two are new. BUT I don't like the nick names. I really really do not want a Jenny or a Sam.

So with Eleanor and Victoria being on the list AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN after I said NO NO AND NO plus Zinnia and Arabella could not even be my pick for the week I was starting to feel like Wayne was stonewalling me. I even looked it up on Google and the definition (for relationships) was not pretty, but accurate to how I was feeling.

I talked to Wayne and told him how I was feeling. I do not want this baby to have a name he hates and the baby will not have a name I hate because I am the one filling out the birth certificate.

So today without me hounding him he made me a list of about 10 new names. Well except Alanna which is a name we both love but it is a main charactor in our horrible writings so we are a bit leery about naming a baby the same name.

So in a nut shell we are finally concidering some names... Alanna, the charactor in the book, Tessa which Wayne says is just so short, and Viviann with I like he seems to like but well we just haven't commited
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