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August 26th, 2011, 11:42 AM
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Momma S - 2.5 hour ULS? Wow!!

Jenn - stay safe and dry this weekend in DC!

AFM - Had our first ULS on Wednesday after some mild cramping and spotting. We saw a heartbeat! So very exciting, also very relived that there was only one heartbeat since we transfered two embryos. Dr. said that my HCG was doubling at twin levels and that both may have implnated, but only one stuck. He said the spotting and cramping might have been leftover implementation stuff from the non-sticking embryo. We are thrilled with one healthy little 6 week, 6 day bean! We have anonther ULS on Monday and a final ULS with the RE on Sept. 6, then off to regular OB!

I am so sick right now, pretty much all day long. Fortunately, I am not throwing-up all day, but having a hard time eating, drinking, etc... other than that, I feel great!
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