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August 27th, 2011, 03:19 PM
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DH is making this severely difficult for us to choose a middle name. We're big on family names for middle names. That's one thing we've agreed on. Our first is Aiden Michael Lee (his middle name and his dad's and grandpa's first name, which is Michael, and my father's middle name, Lee.) We then had Riley Jo (Jo coming from my uncle who died at a very very young age.) And now we have Elijah nameless...... His mom wants to do something from the mother's side of the family, which I'm fine with. We had liked Elijah Chan (after MIL's father *asians <3*) or Chance (to Americanize Chan.) I talked with my mom and we all agreed on Chan, as Chance isn't a good name for my mother's side of the family (my grandmother's birth twin that died shortly after birth.) Elijah Chan. Perfect. WRONG! DH doesn't want to do it. We had picked out many names for girls from both sides of the family, Bailee Marie Hope, and others. But we have Elijah who needs a middle name! He's driving me nuts lol. He won't tell me what he wants. Difficult DH! <3
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