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August 28th, 2011, 11:12 AM
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I'm in a better mood today I guess. I'm still a little sore about it, like stubbing a toe, but I'll get over it just like I've gotten over everything else. I'm mostly ready to move on now and start over again in hopes that next month will bring better news.

I think either I biffed or FF did with my temps, because I'm definitely thinking given my chart and the drop today (and the AF feeling) that my CL was much higher than FF thinks and thus I O'd probably two days later than it thinks. I stopped taking OPKs and that may have been where the confusion started. I definitely remember on the two 97.9 days it took forever to get up there and I was thinking it'd stop short of that, so maybe those temps are actually lower somehow because I was taking them incorrectly or differently than I normally do. I sometimes do that subconsciously. I don't think it matters though, I had my blood drawn two days after I think I O'd so if I'm right, they'll tell me I had really low progesterone when I go in on Wednesday. If I'm wrong, FF is probably right and I am 14dpo today.

One thing's for certain, I'm not leaving that building without a lab printout in my hand so I can have a look at my own numbers.

Thanks Maggie831 for the awesome siggy! You rock!

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