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August 29th, 2011, 04:22 PM
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Momma s - My name is Wendy

Filly, I too had a terrible weekend. I had really bad cramping Friday night and woke up at 3am in a pool of blood. Bled quite a bit through Sat morning. Talk to case manager and RE and they both said that I should stay in bed with my feet up until Monday morning for my scheduled ultrasound. The bleeding turned to spotting Sat evening and was just brown spotting on Sun with a little pinkish/reddish blood. The whole time I had mild cramping. I pretty much when through the whole weekend sure that I had lost the baby. Good news at ultrasound, baby is perfectly healthy 7 weeks, 1 day! RE showed us where the bleeding was coming from and it is not near the baby or my cervix which are both good! It appears to be almost done, for now.

Pics of baby!

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