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August 29th, 2011, 08:15 PM
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He never suggests anything, well maybe once and then it was just some random name he had just heard on tv.
My dh did this only the names he offered weren't ones he heard on TV, they were old girlfriend's names! We went to high school together and these were nice girls but seriously?! After much heated debate I told him that when he went through the baby name book and took naming our dc as seriously as I did then he would have a say; otherwise, I choose the name and he gets to find out at the birth like everyone else. I must say that has worked wonderfully for us these last 7 pregnancies.

In your situation I would make my own list and not mention it again to dh. If he wants to take naming his dc seriously then he will make his own list and then you can discuss name options. Otherwise, you choose the name, you sign the birth certificate.

Our girl names are also mostly 3-syllable ending in "-a".
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