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August 30th, 2011, 06:23 PM
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Ariakan (AH-ree-AH-ken) - This is kind of neat.. it reminds of Kraken for some reason, but that's not a bad thing.
Caramon - I think people will call him Cameron A LOT before really paying attention. Also, Caramel. Not a fan of this one.
Elistan (EL-i-stan) - I really like this. I like the name Ellis, but it's way too feminine, and Elliott is too popular, not to mention being given to girls. Elistan is a nice compromise.
Raistlin - Not a fan. Reminds me of Waste/Waist.
Tanis - Its okay. Kind feminine sounding.
Tyrion (TEE-ree-uhn)- I don't like "y" in boy names, and I think this'll be mispronounced a lot because of names like Tyler and Tyson.

Arya - I really like it
Aeris - Also cute
Corinne - LOVE
Daenerys (dan-AIR-is) - Neat. I like it. Will be mispronounced a lot just by nature of phonetics. I would say it "day-NAIR-iss" on the first try, for instance.
Dania - Not my style, but it's fine.
Karissa - It's cute, but I prefer a lot of other names, such as Clarissa or Alessa.
Kira - Love it, and LOVE this spelling.
Kirianna - Cute, but seems like a tryndeigh mashup.
Kyrisa (ker-EE-sa) - I like it, but this spelling isn't intuitive to the pronunciation. I'd say it "Kie-rissa" on the first try.
Kyria - Eh, not a fan, and I doubt it'll ever be pronounced right either.
Laurana (lau-RA-na) - Very pretty, but again that -ana trend. I prefer Lauren or Lorena.
Milena (meh-LAY-na) - Cute. Reminds me of Milan.
Melina (meh-LEE-na) - Also cute.
Natalya - Dislike. I think Natalia is okay, but this just seems spelled wrong.
Terra - I like this. It's familiar enough to be a name because of Tara, but it's a totally different concept with the 'earth" connection. Awesome. I'm not really a fan of Tara, but I like it spelled this way.

I like A LOT of the girl names, and some of the boy names. I'm thinking my favorites are Corinne and Terra, and Elistan.
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