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August 30th, 2011, 06:32 PM
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Ariakan (AH-ree-AH-ken): Sounds a little too made up to me. Not masculine enough.
Caramon: Sounds a little girly to me.
Elistan (EL-i-stan): Not bad, could even go with the nn Eli.
Raistlin: Not bad....again not very masculine.
Tanis: Not bad...different...
Tyrion (TEE-ree-uhn): NMSAA. Sounds fantasy like.

Arya: I kind of like this!
Aeris: NMS.
Corinne: Sounds old lady like to me.
Daenerys (dan-AIR-is): Sounds like a company to me.
Dania: Ok...a little odd.
Karissa: Pretty. Not bad.
Kira: Very cute. Love this.
Kirianna: A little too long, much prefer Kira.
Kyrisa (ker-EE-sa): Not bad...
Kyria: meh. don't love it.
Laurana (lau-RA-na): don't like it. Ruins Laura.
Milena (meh-LAY-na): NMS.
Melina (meh-LEE-na): Love this! Cute!
Natalya: Meh. Don't love it, don't hate it.
Terra: Cute spelling.
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