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August 31st, 2011, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SandyBeachSomewhere View Post
If it were me, I would give the baby his last name, but I'm a big fan of that given the parents are on good terms. If the guy is around and participating when the baby is born, then the baby would get his last name. That's me, though, and I think either way you do it is fine. If you're not married it's perfectly acceptable for her to have your last name, or you could hyphenate it so she'd have both.
I'm leaning more towards giving baby his last name. He is a great dad to the two daughters he has. Always spends time with them, pays child support on time and alot I might add. Overall he has his quirks but what parent doesn't. I see nothing that would hinder our daughter in the future if I were to give her his last name. Plus who knows what the future holds, we may end up together forever.

Originally Posted by ♥womanintheshoe♥ View Post
Hyphenating both last names might work. My sil's new baby has my sil's last name as a middle name and then my brother's last name (did that make any sense?). So that's another option.
I thought about doing the hypen but then I thought what about when the poor kid went to school and had to fill out paperwork. Where I work I deal with medical paperwork and when people have a last name that is hypdenated it makes it more difficult on me to process. So really leaning against doing this. I do like the idea of making my last name baby's mn. ALthough I do have a mn picked out already it's a family name but SO hasn't agreed to it yet.

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