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August 31st, 2011, 03:02 PM
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On Sat. 8/27, I felt crappy all day. Wanted to throw up, had diarrhea, off and on contractions and just felt like laying around. Went to bed. Got up at 2:30 am (8/28)to pee, went back to bed, had the worst contraction ever, then I heard a POP. I jumped out of bed, and my water broke all over the floor. (And basically throughout the house and I was so excited I kinda ran around like an idiot. LOL) Got naked and squatted in the tub, there was blood mixed in (which is normal, I was told.) Woke the hubby up and we decided to take Moose to the hospital with us. We called my mom and MIL. My mom and sister drove the 2 hours to meet us at the hospital. (MIL works at hospital, so she popped in and out all day.) My BFF ended up getting Moose and taking her home around 11 am. When I delivered, my mom, sister, MIL, stepdad and hubby were in the room. (I told my stepdad repeatedly not to look at my vag, but he admitted he did it anyways. He said they all look alike anyways. Tee hee)

There wasn't much going on, contraction wise. The nurse informed me I was GBS positive, so I instantly got an IV for the meds. Walked the halls for a while trying to get the contractions going. When they finally did, and I was dilated at 4, I got an epi. (I'm a drug lovin' kinda girl. LOL) Didn't work at first (it didn't work with Moose either) so they cranked that thing up and then I felt AMAZING!!! LOVED that thing. Moved along pretty well. When I was dilated to 7, the nurse asked me how long I had pushed with Moose, and when I told her 3 pushes, she kind of panicked and got stuff ready, just in case. I was dilated to 10 an hour later. And that is where I stuck. The epi maybe worked TOO good, as my leg was completely numb and I couldn't feel any urge to push. So she shut the epi off, and that's when the pain became SERIOUS!! It hurt so bad I was thrashing all over the place. After over an hour of misery, I lied and said I had to push, just because I needed to do SOMETHING!! They got all set up. At first, my pushes were pretty ineffective, but I got better. I pushed for a total of 21 minutes (which felt like 7.5 days) before his head cleared. Only Finn's head was out and he started wailing before the doc could even clear out his mouht. LOL (It was kind of funny to see this little head sticking out my parts and screaming. LOL) I pushed him all the way out and they laid him on my chest. Finnegan Michael was born at 5:10 p.m. and was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 21.5 inches long!!!!!!!!! A VERY large boy!!! (Everyone was kind of shocked as an u/s just 10 days earlier predicted him at 6.12 pounds.)

I had a second degree tear with numerous stitches. A VERY large hemotoma on my uterus, that they think is because I had to push so hard to get him out of there. They drained the blood, which was a LOT, and I am now on iron pills for a month due to low hemoglobin. Finn also came out face up (same as Moose.) He was a day over 3 weeks early (thankfully, as he was ginormous!!) His kidneys and lungs were checked and he is perfect and I'm in love. As I was GBS positive, hospital rules say we had to stay for 48 hours. We got home last night. Finn was a wonderful sleepin in the hospital, last night decided he may never sleep again. Moose is adjusting to her baby brother and likes to look at him from afar, but doesn't want him close.

Those are all the deets I can remember. I might be missing some, but those are the main points. I'm happy I went "early" and I'm glad he is ok. As he is my last baby, I plan on enjoying him as much as I can. Thank you all for the support I've been given. It means a lot to me. This board has meant a lot to me.
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