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September 1st, 2011, 11:02 AM
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Well this may sound weird, but I am actually Mormon and I habe been since the age of 11, but my dad and his wife are Catholic and my mom is Prodestant. With my first marriage (he was Catholic too) we baptized both kids Catholic even though I was not Catholic. I just had to attend a class and what not and then we blessed them in the Prodestant church. That way all of our families would leave us alone.

In our church though we do not believe in Baptism until the age of 8 (long reason why, no point in going into it) and my son was baptized into my faith at the age of 8, and my daughter just turned 8 so she will be getting baptized soon. Our church has no reasoning not to baptize someone unless they do not believe in Jesus or in our religion.

I just cannot understand why they would risk someone's salvation over money. How sad. I hope it all works out for you Missy. Beautiful dress btw.

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