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September 1st, 2011, 01:31 PM
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Funny how the system works. I am 26 and have been called for jury duty THREE times in my adult life. The first was petite jury (aka: a month's worth of calling every day to see if my "color" was called. I never had to actually decide anything for any case because the one I was on got dismissed). My second I "got out of" because I lived outside the country (when I lived in Canada). The third one was grand jury and I was not selected because it was a drug-related case and I am a drug counselor by trade. They pulled the "no go" card on me

And I have heard of people who are 40-50 and have NEVER gotten jury duty! I don't mind it, as long as it fits into my schedule. So far, it has not been hard to work out.

Funny enough, I was scheduled for a court date (speeding ticket ) on October 4th! Lol. I asked to have it postponed til December and they were fine with it. There is apparently such a thing as "maternity leave" in court too.
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