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September 1st, 2011, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post
Sarah glad you only have to take clomid a few more days and yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it helps you at O time and you get your BFP. Lobstering sounds interesting. I've never been. Sounds like hard work though. I hope you have fun and yes I'm just like you I don't like to go out without makeup on. Helps hide the DH makes fun of me sometimes also.

I didn't manage to get up this morning and workout. Way too tired. Hopefully tomorrow mornig I'll have a bit more energy. I doubt I'll get in a workout when I get home. DH is working on our house today so when I get home I'll have to play with DS outside until DH gets done. Maybe we can run around our property and that would be my

Did you get your results today? I hope so. The waiting is terrible. I go in tomorrow for bloodwork so I'll let you know how that goes. I just have such a strong feeling that this preg is going to be fine. It just feels so much different than last time. It feels more like my preg with DS so I'm praying that it will last.
Running around your property with your DS definitely sounds like a good workout! It's activities like that where you don't even realize how much exercise you're getting. I love those because it seems like less of a chore or obligation, if that makes sense.

Lobstering was definitely interesting! It is such hard work! OMG!! It was nonstop for about 11 hours straight. My BF made fun of me for putting on makeup but I told him to zip it. I learned that fresh bait is so nice once you've smelled rotten bait. GROSS!!! We caught just over 1,000 lbs of lobster which is awesome! I am exhausted! I barely ate today...had my lunch at 5:30 on our way back into the harbor. Definitely a good workout! Oh, and it feels like the house is rocking back and forth because I'm so used to being on the water. It's really weird and kind of annoying.

I did get my results...kind of. They left a message and it was kind of vague but positive so that's good. They think I'll respond well to the Clomid and advised me to test on CD 30 (yeah right..I'm not going to last that long without POAS!). I'm going to call them tomorrow to get more details but for now I'm glad that it's good news.

Originally Posted by .:Shortcake:. View Post
Hey ladies! I have not been feeling well and I'm overworked and under paid DH finally told me today that I need to start looking for another job so I can quit this one. Being stressed out is not good for me or for his & I's relationship. I think it's taking a toll on my body. I keep getting bad chest pain and sick to my stomach and it's just wearing on me. I hope you ladies are doing well with your excersising because I haven't lol.

Sarah how is the Clomid treating you?

Melissa how are you feeling?
Katie, I'm so sorry!!! It definitely seems like you should look for another job. It sounds like this one is giving you way too much anxiety! It's not healthy, emotionally or physically! I had a job like that and kept having anxiety attacks, dreaded going in, etc. As soon as I left it and got a job I loved, the anxiety disappeared. I think it seems like the right move for you. You deserve to be happy. It's not worth it if you're miserable! I don't blame you for not feeling motivated to exercise. When stress like that gets to you, it takes out so much energy.

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