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September 1st, 2011, 08:39 PM
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My best guess would be you Oed on for bad timing

I did Follistim this cycle simply cause they told me that I could and my desire to be pregnant NOW outweighs anything else...the drug itself was really easy - painless and hormoneless (if that made any sense at all)...I hated the side effects from Clomid...the only thing that was rough was trying to schedule everything around Matts entire family being in Orlando this week of all weeks...OMG, I should be struck with lightning for the amount of lying I did to convince them that we had to be in town on Sunday (they wanted us there on Saturday, but I had to do my final U/S on Sunday morning or they wouldnt have let me trigger)...and then be back in town on Tuesday for the IUI (we said that Matt was running an experiment and I had to help him write down numbers and we had to do it on those particular days because it involved Hygroden and carbon monoxide and if we didnt do it it would explode...OMG, I think I'm going to hell for this!!)...

Anyway, IUI was easy, Matts swimmers couldnt have been more perfect, I had 4 perfect follies, and except for the stress of the day, it could not have gone better...

Will see in a week, I'm trying not to be hopeful cause it will hurt more if I am, but as of right now, I think I made the right decision...

Only really bad thing is that I've been trying to eat healthy, but I havent been able to eat as healthy as I wanted cause we've been going out to GREASE PITS every I had like 4 shrimp at dinner and 2 french fries, they were SO greasy, but I was starving cause we'd been playing at the splash park all I got home and ate a ton of vegetables, but I hate that I ate anything greasy during the 2WW...anyway, they are leaving on Saturday, and then my parents are here from Monday till Wednesday...its been crazy, but at least having them around the time go by quickly...

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