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September 2nd, 2011, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by missy123 View Post
My poor DH... He really wants Scarlett to be baptized Catholic. It is so important to him and his brother for many personal reasons. I was baptized Catholic but am divorced so he is having a hard time finding a church to baptize her. As his brother is a redound theologian and scholar by trade they are trying to find a way around this.

It makes me sad that he is having to go through all of this just to have her baptized Catholic. I know that god loves us and would not ever turn Scarlett away from him just because I am divorced.

On a cool side note: My mom kept my baptism outfit from when I was a newborn. As this is my first girl, she sent it to me last week for her to wear. I think that is pretty awesome!

The highlighted words just really stand out to me. I find it so harsh that God loves you and forgives you, yet your catholic faith will not forgive and not only is punishing you, but now is punishing your baby! What kind of church does that? I wonder what God really thinks of the catholic faith.

You shouldnt have to find a way around the Catholics rules just for your baby. I won't go into my sins but I'm sure I would have been banished from a catholic church but my church has accepted me without judgement and they are like family. I don't have to tell a preist my sins but rather go straight to God for prayer and forgiveness. No disrespect because religion is a personal choice but I find it upsetting to deny an innocent baby what God would give her if He were here in person.

I hope things work out for you hun
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