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September 2nd, 2011, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Jessica121706 View Post
How have you and your mom been? I know awhile back you had shut her off, was this a surprise in the mail or did you expect it
We have spoken 2 times since the big blow out and it only got worse before it got better. I am at the point where I make no effort anymore. If she can't accept my marriage, pregnancy, and happiness then it is her loss. Thanks for asking, that was sweet Jessica.

Originally Posted by momof5lopez View Post
LOL, if it comes down to all that when I look into Mia's baptism....I will just baptise her Baptist, its my religion of choice anyway. But since all my kids are catholic and I do believe in the catholic religion myself, I would prefer this. But Im not about to dish out a couple of grand like my brother did just to get my first marriage removed from their books. How obserd! I paid my attorney enough money, lol.....(still paying actually, 3.5yrs later!)
The boys were all baptized Baptist but Mike really wants her to be raised Catholic so I respect him on it. I hear ya on attorney fees!

Originally Posted by babyandbriana View Post
I actually belong to the same church as Rachel, and in our faith, babies are given a special blessing instead of a baptism. Baptism in our faith is a choice that you make when you're older.
I think it is so awesome that all 3 of you know each other!

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