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August 7th, 2006, 12:51 PM
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Until this morning I was just fine but then I started getting into the nitty gritty details of planning out or curriculum and I swear I started having a panic attack!

I have previously not been much of a planner and things didn't go too well. The girls were learning and are on level for their grade but I know that they have alot more potential and I personally dont have the discipline to just "wing it" if you know what I mean? I have to have a schedule and I am hoping that by doing so we will get alot more accomplished this year. I have some things that I will let fall by the wayside and not be concerned about like music (teaching about the composers etc) because we can order CD's from the library and listen to them. History and Geography. Science I am a little more sticky about because in the schools here they start science in around grade 2.

My daughter is going to be in 9th grade and I am FREAKING OUT about her because I worry that she will start highschool next year and not be up to par. If I had my way I think that I would place her in this year but DH is determined to keep her home another year.

I hate the pre-back to school jitters. I feel incompetent, incapable, wondering yet again for the sixth year in a row whether or not I made the right decision to homeschool etc. I do this every. single. year.

Is there a way to get past feeling this way cause if there is I need to know it!
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