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September 5th, 2011, 08:58 AM
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Can I request a few blinkies for the Scrapbooking board?

I'd like two different sizes (the standard small one and I think the other one is 50x150)

I'd like one kind to say something like "come join us at the paper scrapbooking board"

I'd like the other kind to be more fun... like "Scrapbooking fills my days *blink* not to mention my living room *blink* and bedroom and closets! *blink* Paper Scrapbooking Board"

(So I guess I'm requesting 4 blinkies, one of each kind in each size)

I'd also like to request a blinkie for the HHO board. We're having a challenge and I'd like a blinkie with something along the lines of "Housekeeping, Home Decor, and Organization Board's September Challenge Winner".

Thanks so much! No real hurry for any of them, sorry I know it's a lot. I just took hosting positions in 2 boards that haven't had new blinkies in years
Since it's a creative board, anything bright colorful and decorative would be great, we're not picky we'd just like them to be bright and fun.

Thanks so much!

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